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Unicorn Jokes

Q: How do unicorns get to the park?
A: On a unicycle.

Q: What did the Unicorn serve at a barbecue?
A: Unicorn on the cob.

Q: What street do unicorns live on?
A: Mane Street.

Q: What’s black and white and eats like a unicorn?
A: A zebra.

Q: What did the Unicorn say to the tomato growing in the field?
A: U Not Corn.

Q: What do they call the best student at Unicorn University?
A: The A-corn.

Q: What do unicorns call their dad?
A: Pop corn.

Q: Where do naughty unicorns go?
A: Unicourt.

Q: Why did the unicorn want to go to school?
A: So he could wear a uni-form.