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9 Kids Unicorn Yoga Poses

Unicorn yoga

I just love yoga and you already know I love Unicorns so here’s my yoga and Unicorn combo!

Unicorn Ellie Kids Yoga Poses

9 Easy poses you can do in a small space.

I did this in a small corner in our living room. My mat is quite long so it’s folded in half and it was extra squishy.

You need loose clothes you can move around in so a Unicorn onesie is PERFECT!

  1. Pick a quiet place to do yoga, and focus on breathing in and out through the nose.
  2. Hold the poses from 5 to 10 seconds. Since it takes time to get into the postures, counting should start once you are in the posture.
  3. Slowly increase the time spent in the poses once you get better at them.
  4. Try to eat lightly before doing yoga, as you don’t want tummy ache.
  5. Have FUN together as a family me and mum sometimes do yoga together.

1. So I always start by sitting quietly in easy pose

Unicorn Ellie Kids Yoga

2. Bowl Pose or Bow Pose to stretch out your tummy and legs and neck at the front

3. Downward Unicorn pose to stretch the back of the legs and back and make strong arms

4. Then I stand tall like a tree with a unicorn horn point on top to balance and stretch my whole body its usually easier on one leg than the other I wobble sometimes

Unicorn yoga

5. Make a bridge with your body there are a few ways to do this this is how I did it today.

Make sure you put your bottom up this was too low here.

6. This one always makes me and my mum laugh really stretches you legs and back and you can balance your legs in the air or see if your toes can touch the floor above your head then its a plough pose or bend your knees and hold your toes then it’s a happy baby unicorn!

7. Make a triangle with your body triangle pose try and look up to your hand do it both sides.

8. Be a 3 legged unicorn! Like the downward unicorn but stick your leg up do both sides.

3 legged unicorn pose yoga kids

9. Finish by telling yourself well done!

Download the9 Unicorn Yoga Poses Poster.

There are lots more yoga poses and workouts put in the comments if you like yoga and what you like to do the most.